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Manually activate or deactivate any device and actions within the FIBARO System
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For home
As a universal manual switch for electrical devices and scenes.
For business
As a handy tool which supports everyday activities and customer service.
For emergencies
As a button to contact the caretaker or call for help.
Choose your color
The Button is available in a few different colors. It may improve the ambiance of a room if appropriately picked.
Convenient size and mobility
A sensor hidden in the FIBARO Motion Sensor will allow you to dynamically adjust the lamps to the amount of natural light. The system will set the optimal lighting levels for everyone in the house, and illuminate the space around the building, all while conserving energy and saving money.
High quality and battery-powered
The finest standards of production ensure that the device works flawlessly and lasts a long time. The Button is powered by batteries and does not require any wires.
Also available for
Apple HomeKit
In response to needs of Apple technology users and according to our mission, to automate every single household, we are introducing The Button for Apple HomeKit. From now on you can enjoy the FIBARO device features on your favourite platform.
Visible or hidden
Depending on your needs, you can keep The Button in view or place it out of sight.
Always close
Use the Button whenever and wherever you need it.
Care for your loved ones
The Button is a great convenience for seniors, the sick, and small children along with their caretakers.
Mobile notifications
Your loved ones are a click away and can inform you about their needs or call for help.
For the entire family
You can assign Button colors to each member of the family or allow the children to turn them into little works of art.
Click sequences and even more possibilities
The Button can recognize up to 6 actions. One click can turn off the light, two clicks can activate the AC unit, holding down the button may trigger a scene, etc.
1 x click
turn on/off light
2 x click
turn on/off projector
3 x click
turn on/off fan
Run complex scenes, it's so easy!
“Scenes” are synchronized actions of several devices. With the Button, you can run them with just one switch.
Compatible with other devices
Its true potential shines when the FIBARO Motion Sensor is paired with other smart home devices. The sensor is capable of activating even the most complex sequences which are only limited by human imagination.